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[locked | RL w/ Yuri]


He thought he was going to end up in a new place, but as he looked around, he noticed that he recognized these uniforms. Gah! Are they in the middle of a battle too?!]

O.....ooiiii..... [NONE PAY ATTENTION TO HIM. SOB.]

[accidental video]

[Battler is seen pacing in the parlor, staring down at what looks like a letter. After he sighs to himself, he brought an envelope up to his face and looked it over once more. Basically, this meant that he had gotten a letter from either Beato, or Kinzo. Neither of them would do such a thing, so who else could send this to him?]

Mmm.... [He quickly folded the letter back up and stuffed it into the envelope. Battler then took a seat, and stared down at the chessboard before him. He was deep in thought, he doesn't notice he's even being recorded.]